8 Simi Terrorist killed: Fight between Government and Communal Politician Erupted

Bhopal Central Jail
Bhopal Central Jail
8 Simi terrorists
8 Simi terrorists

Some say this act is against the Muslim community, some say this was to protect the innocent life. AIMIM President  Mr. Owaisi & Congress  General Secretary Digvijay came to the full support of 8 Simi terrorist. Raising several questions against the government action of killing the absconding prisoners forgetting about the constable who got martyr on the line of action.

Incident revealed in such a manner which looks like a movie story. But, to add to this mystery story, it has many loopholes. They made the ladder with the help of bed sheets and wood. Only, SIT or CBI can answer this in future, how they arranged wooden planks to form a ladder of approx 40 feet. But, no one seems to notice this. 

ATS(anti-terrorist squad) informed media that they were getting some alert on Simi sleeper cells getting activated. But, the question is, why they did not act against such intel and allowed such incident to happen.

As per the police report, they had GPS watches, new clothes, shoes, food and most important, locally made gun. This suggests, they had some local help and they were carrying only small weapons like a knife or small pistol.

According to the leaked video, police was giving warnings  to the terrorists asking them to surrender. On one side it was full ATS team with high-grade weapons and on the other hand there were 8 terrorists with knives and homemade pistol. ATS team could have forced them to surrender instead of taking such extreme steps.

Furthermore, terrorists killed one constable, whose daughter was supposed to get married earlier this week. 

Political Agenda:

By catching them alive and retrieving their local contacts, ATS might have achieved big. But, probably killing them on the spot or in the cross firing was the best solution.

Communal politician tried to link terror with the Muslim community and politicize the issue. These politicians are in dilemma that by polarizing this issue they can win Muslim votes. No wonder, why they did not win any elections.

Some say, “Why only Muslims run from jail, why not Hindus? Why Muslims only get killed in the crossfire and not Hindus?”. But they forgot about the constable who lost his life to save others and was not carrying any religion flag.

Their propaganda is to flash in the news and polarize the incident. Not to praise the police force who possibly postponed some tragic incident.

The Court has declared them terrorists, not any political party.

The government should focus on getting hold of the local handler who provided help and support to the terrorists, fix these loopholes like CCTV not working etc so that this incident is not repeated.

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