Is confirmed we lost contact with SCHIAPARELLI – ExoMars 2016

ExoMars 2016
Image Credit - ESA
ExoMars 2016
Image credit – ESA

ExoMars 2016 – Mission Update

ESA has lost its contact with its EDM module SCHIAPARELLI just before the touch down. Last night, ESA has organised the press conference  to update scientific  community about the mission. According to, ESA Trace gas orbiter was a big success and it has completed all the required trajectory movement. Scientist can start using the orbiter early next week to further study the data.

Trace gas orbiter was able to capture the data from the SCHIAPARELLI. Estimated decent of the EDM was 6 mins. ESA has received few radio signal sent from EDM just before the touch down with the help of its partners. Later in the day, TGO has sent the captured information to its mission control. Currently team is analysing the data and tying anything at this moment will be premature.

Preliminary analysis of the data sent by the SCHIAPARELLI was not matching the expectation. It suggest some malfunction just before the parachute deployment.

Space scientist across the world is trying to help ESA to capture radio signal sent from the EDM module. Team in Pune, India and Mars express told the ESA that radio signal stopped just before the touchdown.

Landing data will be consider crucial for the future missions and will help its 2020 mission to land rover on the mars. Losing the contact with the lander can be consider as a big set back for the ESA.

Trace gas orbiter has finished its several burn session. It is successfully placed into the orbit of mars. Expected to start its instrument to capture information about the trace gases present in the atmosphere of mars.

ExoMars 2016 is joint endeavour of ESA and ROSKOSMOS. First part of the mission is considered to be successful whereas, lander is a failure.

Will try to keep our readers updated with the latest happening in the mission control. You can check my previous post  for more details about ExoMars 2016.