Schiaparelli crash landed on Mars: Two Craters spotted by NASA

ExoMars 2016
Image Credit - ESA

A scientific mission of ESA gone wrong. Schiaparelli is believed to be crash landed on Mars. It is supposed to be a 6 minute journey to mars, after separating from trace gas orbiter. But, due to some failure in the system, one part of ExoMars mission crash landed into Mars. Schiaparelli was burnt alive and its actual root cause is yet to be identified.

This can be proved from the latest photograph released from NASA Reconnaissance Orbiter. We can easily spot the difference between the two photographs.

There are two marks made by the lander. One is little lighter and can be of parachute. The other mark is darker in colour. It might have created the small size crater after its impact.

Pic Courtesy: NASA Reconnaissance Orbiter
Pic Courtesy: NASA Reconnaissance Orbiter
Pic Courtesy: NASA Reconnaissance Orbiter
Pic Courtesy: NASA Reconnaissance Orbiter

The size of the crater can vary from 15m to 40m. This is based on the scale present on the image release by the NASA.

Original Plan

First part of the mission is to collect the information of the trace gases with the help of an orbiter. Its main concentration is to identify the origin of methane on Mars. This is a biggest question for scientific community. Methane is short lived and its continuous presence on Mars suggests that there might be some source producing Methane Gas on Mars. Trace gas orbiter, will perform some calculation of  gases present in the Martian environment.

Second part of the mission was to check the ground situation. This lander would have provided basic information about the temperature, humidity etc. Most importantly, it might have provided the crucial information of landing the rover on Mars.

Currently, ExoMars technical team is still analysing the data for any clue that might have caused the lander to crash. ESA is not disclosing any leads on their analysis.

You can get more info about the ExoMars 2016 and SCHIAPARELLI from the link. Let me know your thoughts on the ExoMars 2016.