Development is nowhere seen in the Politics of caste and Ram mandir — UP election redefined

Uttar Pradesh election as it unfolds

UP Election
UP Election
Four Big Political Parties
Four Big Political Parties

UP election is approaching early next year. Different events are unveiling and telling us what is in the mind of political parties.  Need to see how and when they are going to open each cards and play with the electorate mind. Present day voters  are smart and taking a note of each incident reported in news.

Ram mandir – museum , Ram park

Modi’s chant of Ram on Vijaya Dashmi was so prominent that it started the Ram politics in UP once again. BJP declared that they are going to open a Ram museum. To counter BJP’s point, SP has declared a Ram park.

BJP has always used Ram agenda on every election since the Babri Majid was demolished. Ram temple was able to manage a special place in BJP’s election manifesto. In past 30 years it has never turned out good in favour of BJP.

Next BJP CM face is still not decided . It needs someone who is well-known and respected in society.  BJP can have many contendents like , Smriti Irani, Amit Shah himself. Rajnath or Defence minister cannot be the CM face as country needs them in the centre.

BJP will try to use surgical strike to its favour and tell voters that they are trying their best to safeguard national borders. Future only will tell if Amit shah can turn this election in favour of BJP.

SP internal politics

Internal rift inside the local political parties
Internal rift inside the local political parties

Internal rift between the Yadav family is now out in open. Son and Uncle are fighting for the power. Even Mulayam has said he is not ready to declare Akhilesh as a CM candidate. When Akhilesh came into power four-years back, voters thought something positive is going to happen. But our CM, who is an engineer turned politician could not do much for the state population.

Blow to BSP

On the other hand, Supreme court has ordered the state government to cover the statue and monument build by Mayawati’s phase using public money. Approximate cost for such park was 2500 cr. Such amount of money could be used for the welfare of society, child education, building hospital instead of building parks. No wonder why she lost the next elections.

Congress a sinking ship

Unimpressive Congress leadership
Unimpressive Congress leadership

Rita Bahuguna Joshi joined BJP. She was the face of UP congress for a long time. Her decision to leave congress after 24 years did not come as a surprise. She felt left alone, after congress made Sheila dixit as a CM face, Raj Babbar as the Congress chief for UP election. This decision proves that UP congress leadership has lost its faith in Congress president and VIce-President. Rahul has just finished his month-long UP road show which displays his leadership failure. 

Congress can say that she is opportunist but the reality is congress is a sinking ship and it is going to take a lot of effort and a definite leadership change to turn the congress story around.


Amit shah will be able to repeat the Lok Sabha story of 93 seats is a big question. Current turn of events suggest a fight between just two parties: BJP and SP.

Both Congress and BSP are now fighting for Brahmin and Muslim votes . Congress has put the Brahmin face as a CM candidate to capture this particular community vote. Not sure, If Sheila Dixit can do wonders as everyone is loosing faith in the Congress high command.

UP and Bihar are two states where caste politics still plays a vital role in the minds of common man. Since these two states are among the poorest in the country, political parties are misusing the caste politics to turn their uneducated voters.

Intolerance gained lot of importance in the last Bihar election. Not sure, what is going to unfold in the UP election.

Reading the state of mind of these voters is very important. I would say, to gain political advantage ,parties should change their methods . They should follow the development agenda not the Ram mandir.