Digital Marketing – key to the future of marketing


What is Digital Marketing?

    Digital Marketing is a term defined for marketing of product and services through any digital means mainly on the internet or any electronic device.

This is the trending and important strategy to target right user base which is your potential customers. Targeting to the right age group , geographic location, based on gender are important factors of digital marketing.

    This is different from any other marketing means in the sense, you can analyze the data in the real-time to see what is working for you and what is not working. Changing the content and promotion based on how the public is reacting is known as one of the benefits of digital marketing. This is how we can define Marketing.

Why do you need Digital Marketing?

    If you don’t know your market share. Then do more research and see what customer like, who are purchasing from your competitor. An aligning digital market strategy based on your market research should be your top priority.

Currently, everyone spent a majority of their time surfing the internet looking for the various thing which interests them. 60% of the web traffic comes from the mobile devices. Developing a good digital marketing strategy can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

    Capturing more space in digital front will give your product better exposure. People will come to know about your product, they will want to use it and may give feedback so that other can use it. This all will increase the presence of your product in the digital media.

Any kind of business can apply digital marketing strategy who even don’t have the internet presence. But, hardly today who is running a business without the internet presence. If you are  a small store owner or a blogger or running a big enterprise you need a marketing strategy to support and grow your business.

Let’s discuss some example scenarios,

As a starter, local shop owner of Bangalore would want to publicize his store only to the local public, not to someone living in London. Until, he wants to go for international shipping.  To do this he needs to target the local audience only. He can use various paid service like ads or social media platform.

A blogger who is writing about information technology may want to target international audience interested in technology.

So, understanding your customer and target audience is crucial for defining digital market strategy.

 Tools and Method to use for Digital Marketing

Social Media
Social Media

Ads – Promoting your product with the help of ads is on of the best way to drive the traffic to your website. There are various platforms where you can buy the ad like google ad program called ‘ADSENSE’, some other platform like ADROLL, VigLink etc.

Social media – Create your page on various social media platform like Facebook, twitter, google+, Reddit, etc. Using paid social media platform to promote pages and website is a good way to get impressions.

Promoting your product in youtube – Creating a video graphic content for your product can be very helpful In digital strategy.

Analytics – Understanding the traffic is the important part of digital strategy. Analytics helps you understand the behavior of your user as what they like most and least. You will get to know about traffic origin or source. Which can help you target the marketing strategy to drive more traffic. 

Various tools like google analytics and adobe analytics, google tag manager, IBM core-metrics helps you to do this.

Email marketing – Promoting your product and content with the help of email is another medium for digital marketing. Update of your product, your thoughts and ideas via email to the subscriber is an important strategy. Exact target and cheetah mail can be used at the enterprise level, while at a small-scale you can use any freeware tool.

Search Engine Optimization – Optimizing your website so that search engine can understand the content and present it to your customer. The Issue of traffic will not come if you follow SEO policies.

Read More about SEO here :  Search Engine Optimization

Content creating  Create lot of content related to your product inclined with the interest of your consumers can also drive a lot of traffic. You can create a blog which discuss product features and latest happening in the field of which product belongs.

Customer Relationship — At enterprise level you need to have live chat or customer service center to resolve your user’s issue. A Happy customer is important for it to return and use your services again.

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