Disneyland – A place to be in Hong Kong

Making trip to Disneyland a memorable moment

Disneyland Castle
Disneyland Castle
Disneyland Entrance
Disneyland Entrance

You and your kid really don’t want to miss the best adventure of Disneyland in the Hong Kong. Get a chance to meet and take photograph with Mickey mouse, Pluto, Goofy etc. It is a wonderful world of beautiful and amazing Disney characters. You can say that it is little smaller than United States Disneyland but it contains all the famous rides and shows. All the shows here has a flavour of Chinese. Most of the shows are available in both the language English & Cantonese.

Best time to go in HongKong Disneyland

Bright sunny day will be the best time to enjoy Disneyland to its fullest. As, you will be able to see all the architecture of the park. But winter also can be the suitable time because you will not feel tired as heat can drain lot of energy from you. Probably rainy season will not be the good idea to go to the Disneyland.

I would say avoid weekends and try to plan for weekdays if you don’t want to waste time in standing in the queue.

Location of Disneyland

It’s located in the centre of Lantau Island of Hong Kong which is one of the biggest Island in all its collection of approx 253 Islands.

Lantau map
Lantau map

Reaching Disneyland

Public transport in Hong Kong is very convenient and equally comfortable. From your hotel you need to find the nearest MTR station. You need to board the Tung Chung line its orange in colour. If your hotel is not directly in the orange line try to get there. Once you find the line you need to go toward Tung Chung and get down at Sunny bay. It is the second last station in the orange line (Tung Chung Line). You can visit the MTR website from here and get the latest info.

Hong Kong MTR map
Hong Kong MTR map


Per person ticket will cost you around 540 HKD/day. It is worth to take 2 day pass as it will help you to cover all part of Disneyland comfortably. Otherwise, you will tend to miss important parts of the park.

Planning Disneyland tour

It is highly advisable to plan the park tour ahead of one day before you visit the place. Hong Kong Disneyland is very big and humongous in nature. You will tend to get confuse which part to go first and which one to go later.

Below link will take you to the Disneyland website where you can download the park map and you can check the timing of various shows. Based on you preference you can plan your rides and comeback for shows at 30min before.

I would say boarding the train inside the park will waste your lot of time. Because the queue will be very big and waiting time can be of 40 to 45mins. Better, take a walk and try to avoid wasting time in the queue.

Where to book the tickets

Finally, where to book the tickets for anything in Hong Kong. You can visit the klook website which gives you best discount and best option to reschedule your ticket. I would recommend not to book the ticket directly from the Disneyland counter as it could be very crowded.

You can check my post on top 10 places to visit in Hong Kong. let me know your views and experience of the Disneyland.