how to make a website from scratch – Step by step process defined

Wordpress best website creation tool
Wordpress best website creation tool
Hostgator - best web hosting solution
Hostgator – best web hosting solution

So many people are looking on the internet how to go online. How to create a website? Where to host their domain? which is the best domain hosting solution? Is it too technical ? I am a businessman and don’t know the  technicalities of website creation. These are some basic question comes to the mind of a person who wants to build a website.

In this article, I will take you to the process of creating the website in a step by step way. If you understand this process then the creation of website will become a very easy task. There are several solutions in the market to solve each of your problems without taking any technical help.

I would like to post some basic question which you need to find the answer before going online. Don’t worry about the technical stuff. There are so many solutions in the market where you can go and launch your website with just a few clicks.

For e-Commerce website:

If you are planning to launch an e-commerce website there are solution available in the market which you need to take the subscription upload your product and  bingo!!

It’s as simple as that. Nothing more than that.

You have something new to tell to others then go ahead and create a blog. e-blogger or WordPress are some unique solutions where you can go online with just a few clicks.

These platforms provide you various themes to choose from or you can buy a new theme and upload it to WordPress.

For bloggers:

Your first step should be to decide on your niche or what you want to write. If you want to grow your blog and planning to monetise it, think and do a lot of research before you fix on an idea. As this is very important, if your idea is not unique and lot of people is writing and talking about it then off course you will not get the traffic.

Once your idea is decided, next step is the think about the domain name. If it is related to your niche it is better. Write down some ideas of your domain name, try googling it before you move to purchase it.

After doing a lot of research and can tell Hostgator has best and cheapest plans. Their service is also awesome you chat with their customer service executive round the clock. Head over to Hostgator types your domain name which you want to buy and select the plan.

Next step would be to setup WordPress in Hostgator. Which can be done in few clicks.

Wola !! Now you are good to go.

Once you are done with you website setup I would recommend to setup some accounts like webmaster, analytics, Adwords, mail chimp etc.

Tools should be used after setup:

A various search engine like Google , Bing, Yahoo etc has their own webmaster. This will help you to let the search engine know about your website. So that if someone searches that with a keyword that matches to your content can land to your website.

If you want to be found -Google Webmaster
If you want to be found -Google Webmaster

Analytics, This tool will tell you from which country people are visiting your website, which URL is getting famous etc. Google analytic is best and free tool available. This is the must have for any blogger.

Adwords, This will help you to identify the keywords which you should use while creating the content to drive the traffic to your website.

Google AdWords
Google AdWords

The best part for all this tool is that they all the available free of cost and you don’t have to invest a dime to use these tools.

SEO next important thing:

Next step in creating and launching your idea online is to worry about SEO as this is the important part of website creation. You can read more about SEO here.

Once you are done with above steps next step would be to think about the social presence of your website. Try creating profiles in various social networking platform like facebook, youtube, google+, youtube, Tumblr, Reddit etc. This will help to drive some more traffic and create some backlinks.

Last and most important part of website creation is the logo. Creating your brand image is  very important part of publicizing your blog. You might have heard this phrase in your life many times : the first impression is the last impression. If your logo is catchy enough your half job is done.

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I think these are the important steps in building a website. Please do let me know your thoughts and if I missed any important step.