screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-5-07-48-pmCyril, a Pakistan journalist, belong to one of the trusted Pakistani news agency that has been banned by Pakistani government . I believe a lot of things are going wrong with Pakistani leadership and they don’t know what to do. Instead of banning JeM or any other terrorist group they are putting a stop to their own journalist.

Leadership is not able to find correct action when the world is pressurising Pakistan to act on terrorists. After the Uri attack, there was flood of reactions from the world leaders to act against terrorism and even Pakistani media also noticed this. It is believed that in one meeting between Nawaz sharif govt and Pakistani army there was a conflict of interest on acting against JeM and Mujahideen leaders when Pakistan foreign minister was giving the presentation.

Dawn was the only newspaper to publish this story and since then it is the topic of discussion in both media. Questions are being raised, whether Pakistani government is really thinking to act against the terrorist organization after the outbreak of various comments against the Pakistani politicians and army from world leaders.

But this action of government has seriously questioned the intention to resolve the tension between India and Pakistan. Meanwhile Cyril has expressed his views on his ban on twitter:



Quoting Cyril “Ur very famous in the airport. Ur name plastered at each immigration officer’s desk. A big A4 sheet with just your name.”

This is the time when Pakistan government should wake up and act against terrorism instead of blocking or banning their own journalist.