SEO – Search engine Optimisation


Understanding SEO :

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Optimising or making your website understandable to search engine is called Search Engine Optimisation.

Why It is Important:

Traffic, search engine ranking, monetization. These are a few things which you cannot miss if you are thinking to build a website. Better SEO will give you high search engine ranking, which gives you higher traffic.

If you are running an e-commerce website, then it is more important. It gives an extra edge to your website. Reason being, while searching any product it will show the customer rating, description, and picture of the product in the search engine.

SEO - snippet of google
SEO – snippet of google

Type of URL:

URL is an important part of your SEO strategy and you cannot afford to go wrong with it. Basic thumb rule with the url is – if you want your page to be crawled by the search engine, you should not have any ‘?’ symbol.  It is considered to be the show stopper.

For better results, you can use ‘-’ or ‘/’ .





Another important factor to be considered when you are designing your website. It can be defined as a collection of all the urls present in a website. Search engine bots will read this particular file to crawl the website. It can be verified by hitting the url in the below format:

http://<domain name>/sitemap.xml


Robots.txt :

This is known as the rule book for bots defined by the website admin. It contains the path of the website which can or cannot be accessed by the bots. Based on need, you would want that some urls should not be crawled by the bots. Then, this is the file you should modify.


robots txt
robots txt

We will be taking this topic in detail in upcoming article.

Meta Tag:

Meta tag is placed at the top section of the page, inside <head> tag. It has two important sub sections : Keyword and Description.

SEO keyword and description
SEO keyword and description




Keywords are comma separated list of the words. This list comprises of the words that are related to you page or article or website. Keywords help the search engine to understand your website better and display the search result based on your keywords. My suggestion will be to keep updating your keywords.

SEO - Review and Ratings
SEO – Review and Ratings

Mistakes to be avoided :

Below are the bullet points for SEO:

  1. Keywords
  2. Description
  3. SEO friendly URLs
  4. Title of the page and website
  5. Sitemap.
  6. No crawl error – Check webmaster tool for details.

If you are a blogger just like me and using e-blogger or wordpress, there are various plugins available which will help you to setup the SEO.  But, if you are managing product based or e-commerce website you might need some technical help.

I will be covering, all the topics in detail related to SEO in future. Let me know your thoughts about SEO and the article.