How to wake up early in the morning

Try not to procrastinate and follow strict routine

go for run
Go for 30 min run
Wake up early in the morning
Wake up early in the morning

So many times we have heard people saying ‘I don’t have time to go for gym’ , ‘no time for running’ , ‘no time for reading books’ etc etc. Some people will always procrastinate and leave things for other day. This is consider to be a very bad habit and you will loose your productivity.

Best thing you can do, to improve your productivity or to get some extra time in your life is to wake up early in the morning. Set this as a primary agenda in your life to wake up early in the morning. If you get up at 5am in the morning effectively you will get more than 2 to 3 hours extra in your daily routine.

You can utilise this extra time doing several things. Below are the some example you can integrate in the morning routine.

  1. Read some motivating book.
  2. Read news to keep you updated in daily current affair.
  3. Spend time with your family.
  4. Go for gym or running. 
  5. Check your mail box and reply to the important ones.
  6. Plan your day. May be prepare a todo list of you activity or meetings.

Sounds interesting, To do all above mention activity you need to wake up early. which is only possible you set a strict routine and discipline. This two parameters are more important than setting an morning alarm.

Putting a morning alarm is one thing and waking up in the morning is another. For both you need dedication and some morning rituals. This will set you into the right path.

Ways to wake up early in the morning:

There are some easy ways which you can apply in your schedule to wake up early in the morning. Firstly, If you are in a habit of waking up at 8 or 7am do not directly jump your clock to 5am.  This will effect you in a bad way and you might feel tired in the middle of the day. Try by decreasing your sleep to 15mins. This will give your body enough time to adjust.

Second important thing is you need to do productive activity in the morning otherwise you will loose your encouragement to wake up in the morning. Never snooze your alarm button. And immediately jump off from your bed. May be you can keep your phone away from your bed so that you need to get up and stop it.

Third, Try to get some company for your morning walk or gym. This will give you an extra push or momentum to wake up in the morning.

As, per scientific study if you follow certain habit for 21 days continuously without any break it will become your permanent habit.

Let me know if this helps or you have any better ideas to wake up early in the morning.